As a local Non-Governmental Organization, Child Rights Foundation (CRF) has a clear commitment to working with children, for the sake of children and protecting children so they can enjoy their life in a safe environment. Volunteering is both a practical and productive way to engage the community, both local and international, with our work, resulting in improvement to our service by: engaging with people from diverse cultures; sharing of knowledge; skills; and, advertising our commitment to improving the lives of Cambodian children and their families.

Volunteers, as an essential part of our organisation, will be valued for their input and have the opportunity to help improve the organisation through suggestions and involvement with projects. We are always looking for volunteers who would be able to help us in the following fields: Education, Child Protection, WASH (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene), Child Rights Awareness and Governance, Fundraising, Organisational Development.

The volunteer policy provides general guidance and direction to CRF staff to allow volunteers to be appropriately involved and managed within CRF. After reading and agreeing to the volunteer policy, potential volunteers are welcome to complete a volunteer application form.

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