CRF is governed by 3 bodies:

The General Assembly is the supreme authority of the organization. It is a joint meeting of all regular full-time staff members, the management team, and members of the Board of Directors. The meeting is typically held each August and is chaired by the chairperson of the CRF Board of Directors.

The General Assembly will look at the progress of organizations in the past year, discusses and determines directions of the organization for the coming years, adopts overall policies and strategies for the work of the organization, elects members of the Board of Directors, and dissolves the organization by decision of a two-third majority.

The CRF Board of Directors is composed of 3 to 7 members. This body is open for both Cambodians and foreigners. The criteria below are expected from Board of Directors:

  • have relevant knowledge and experience in one or more aspects of the children’s issues or organizational development
  • have an understanding of Cambodia’s context
  • have a willingness to strengthen the CRF organizational and programmatic development
  • have the willingness to attend the Board of Directors meetings.
  • The board members receive no compensation other than reasonable expenses and shall:
  • help to define the organisation’s missions
  • help to develop and approve major policies and programme initiatives consistent with the missions
  • ensure effective organisational strategic planning
  • serve as an ambassador for the values, missions, vision and programmes of CRF and advocate the organisation’s interests and build a broad base of public support and trust
  • ensure legal, ethical and financial integrity, and maintain accountability
  • cultivate community relationships and potential donors to support the mission
  • select, evaluate, nurture and support the Executive Director.

The Management Team is the highest decision-making body for a day-to-day operation of the organization in accordance with its by-laws, policies, strategies and other working principles. It consists of Executive Director, Program Director, Program Managers, Administration Manager and Finance Manager and other equivalent posts. The management team’s primary responsibilities are:

  • represent CRF internally and externally
  • ensure the effective implementation of the adopted by-laws, policies, strategies and the decisions of the annual General Assembly
  • propose necessary policies to seek approval from the General Assembly or Board of Directors
  • review and set up necessary procedures and guidelines in line with the adopted policies to facilitate daily function of organization
  • responsible for development of strategic plan with participation of staff members and relevant stakeholders
  • facilitate and coordinate the development of annual plans
  • ensure high quality outcomes of programs/projects
  • ensure values of the professionalism, participation and healthy working environment within the organizations
  • responsible for fund raising for CRF operations and ensure transparency and accountability of the resources used
  • responsible for CRF properties.