Accountability: CRF has been providing excellent services to its clients since 2001. CRF recognizes the importance of being transparent and accountable for all that we do.  Not only for donors and partners, but for staff and beneficiaries as well. Hence, annual financial audits and regular project evaluations have been conducted since CRF’s inception and made available to interested parties, including children, parents, and teachers. We are able to continuep delivering high quality and transparent assistance to children, young people, and the schools/communities in which they live due to our demonstrated commitment to accountability.

Quality: At CRF we are always trying to improve. CRF is committed to achieving high standards of quality in its work with and for children. Our quality assurance process means we review our program outcomes, update our policies, invest in staff support and education, and look for opportunities to expand our programs. Giving priority to quality instead of quantity means that projects are identified in such a way that specific needs of children are met in a cost-effective manner, which will then be scaled up to maximize the impact. Working efficiently while building capacity in the children, young people, school personnel, and communities with whom we support demonstrates our commitment to providing quality programs given the resources available.

Cooperation: Central to the success and longevity of the CRF is its ability to cooperate with individuals, companies, governments, and systems with which it interacts. CRF has been demonstrating a constant openness and respect to various forms of collaboration with the government, public/ private sectors,and civil society. Based on a strong foundation of hope to achieve a safe, positive, and wholesome environment for children and young people to grow up in, CRF personnel engage cooperatively to achieve this aim. Our funding continues to come from various sources, both local and international. Therefore, we capably demonstrate to donors that we can work with them to create equal opportunities for all children regardless of their race, colour, sex, language, religion, national, ethnic/social origin, disability, birth or other status.

Creativity: Children and young people are creative with flourishing imaginations and dreams for the future. Creativity is about constantly inventing new ways to respond to the rapid transformation of society. Innovation in all CRF actions is a catalyst for tangible improvement of the status of children's rights and lives, taking into consideration global and local trends, gaps, and opportunities. CRF seeks to promote and tap into this creativity by working alongside the children and learning from the young people involved in the programs. This creativity motivates and sustains the CRF staff/volunteers in the work that we do. By creating a safe, positive, and wholesome environment for the children and young people growing up in Cambodia, their creativity can blossom.