CR Governance Program

Goal: Good governance practice towards increased state accountability to CRC in CRF target areas developed and modelled.


Strengthening Local Governance
  • Strengthening Commune Council (CC) function towards CR realization
  • Supporting local authorities and CC to do community education on CR and child rearing practice
  • Assisting Commune Committee on Women and Children (CCWC) to enable families of the most vulnerable group to fulfil the rights of their child

Engagement of CSOs in Local Governance
  • Empowering children and youth-led groups to systematically and meaningfully engage in developing and implementing commune investment plan
  • Fostering synergy and facilitating a structured dialogue between civil society, especially children and youth-led groups, networks and local authorities

CRC Monitoring and Reporting
  • Enhancing organizational and program development capacity of children and youth-led groups
  • Supporting and facilitating children and youth-led network in monitoring the implementation of CRC in Cambodia and following up recommendations from the UN Committee on CRC
  • Cooperating with children and youth-led network and other CR networks to advocate a better change for children
  • Strengthening linkage and networking with national, regional and international monitoring bodies for sharing and learning.